Why Drinking Alcohol Is Allowed On The Paleo Diet

by admin on March 30, 2015

Why Drinking Alcohol Is Allowed On The Paleo DietFun. If you had to sum up drinking alcohol with your buddies with one word, it is “fun”. Nothing beats going out to a crowded place with your good friends, having a few drinks (sometimes more), and being silly, goofy, laughing hard and bonding with your tribe. For those of us on the paleo diet, we want to have fun, but not at the expense of our health.

Excessive alcohol consumption can be as damaging to your body as heroin or meth, but so too can water kill you if you drink enough.

Moderate consumers of alcohol, on the other hand, are well studied to have lower risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, less gallstones and higher “good” HDL cholesterol measures compared to teetotalers.

paleo alcoholThis is a perfect example of moderation being healthier than hardcore restriction.

Still, the argument of many paleo authority figures remains, “Paleolithic humans did not consume alcohol.”

Did Pre-Agriculture Humans Consume Alcohol?

To be fair, alcohol is as natural as it comes, there is no way you can avoid alcohol in nature. Ethanol is prolific in our natural environment. “Non-alcoholic” peoples consumed alcohol in the form of,

-Ripe fruit- Ripe fruit contains as much as 1% alcohol content while over-ripe fruit can contain 4.5% alcohol, about as alcoholic as beer.

Why Drinking Alcohol Is Allowed On The Paleo Diet

Tribal woman using her spit to ferment alcoholic “chicha”. Chicha has been consumed as a staple for millenia.

-Probiotics/fermented foods- Now called “Chicha”, a very common tribal fermented drink is created by the tribes women chewing up starchy roots and spitting them out into a fermenter. The bacteria and yeasts in their mouths ferment the starches into various metabolic by products such as alcohol, lactic acid and acetic acid. Many of these tribal drinks have a similar alcoholic content to modern beer. The men and women of the tribes consume these alcoholic drinks as a healthy probiotic and to get a little buzz going while they socialize around the fire.

-Digestion- Since humans have 10 times as many micro-organisms in their body than they do human cells, it is no surprise that there is more than enough yeast in your gut to ferment the carbs you eat into alcohol. When you consume a carbohydrate, the yeast in your gut goes straight to work eating the sugar, the result is ethanol. In fact, many people will blow measurable quantities of alcohol on a breathalyzer after eating carbs. This is known as auto-brewery syndrome.

-In space- Okay, so this doesn’t pertain to cavemen, but there are clouds of alcohol in space that are 10,000 times the diameter of our solar system. Apparently this is a byproduct of new stars heating up.  

Why Drinking Alcohol Is Allowed On The Paleo Diet

Space Booze

The Trick: Drinking Natural Amounts Of Natural Booze

This article is not supposed to convert you into an alcoholic. This article is here to possibly open your eyes to the fact that drinking alcohol with your tribe, in moderate quantities, can actually lengthen your life and make you happier. So what is moderate quantities?

For women, 1-2 drinks per day is a health tonic, 3 drinks is diminishing returns and 4 drinks is for special occasions with special people. 5 is right out. (Respect the Monty Python reference)

For men, 1-2 drinks per day is a health tonic, 3-4 drinks is diminishing returns and 4-5 drinks is for special occasions with your bromosexuals (and women, of course).

In my humble opinion the healthiest choices are wine, hard apple cider and clear liquors. In neolithic settings, on most days I am a gin and tonic kind of guy, though my desired taste is beyond esoteric. Organic is best and use the ancient Greek practice of consuming a spoonful of olive oil before drinking to prevent hangovers. Olive oil will coat your stomach and prevent alcohol from irritating your digestive system.

Alcohol In The Paleo Diet Has Been Exposed

Not as the forbidden fruit, but as a natural fruit of nature. As organic creatures, we will run into organic alcohol in our in environment, and that is okay.

In fact, the relationship building and social bonding that comes with alcohol will develop you into a better person and allow you to reach your full potential of health.

So, cheers, salut, prosit, skol, bottoms up, to your health.


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