Eggs -They’re Great Food

by Emily on October 30, 2010

Being a mother of three and self-proclaimed health-nut , I am always looking for a good, high-protein snack , I have found that eggs are something that appeals to nearly everyone and I tend to enjoy often! With so many recipes and ways to cook them , they rarely fall on that list of ‘things I’ll never eat again’.  Eggs are easy to eat, not too messy and great for on the go eating (I know most of us are looking for healthy on the go snacks!).

In fact, eggs are a great source of protein that contains ALL of the essential amino acids that our body needs to build and repair muscle! To enjoy all of the benefits of the egg, it is important to eat the entire egg (yolk included) . Organic , cage-free eggs are always a better choice if they are availableMany of my clients use eggs as a weight loss snack,so let me share with you the simple 3-step method for cooking the perfect hard-boiled egg that I share with my clients. 


Below you will find a recipe to make the perfect HARD-BOILED EGGS. You may not need this recipe if your boiled eggs turn out perfect every time and you’ve never have a problem with the membrane sticking to the white of the egg. However,  if you are like me, you’ve tried  many times and only occasionally got it right… the recipe below will ensure you have EASY TO PEEL eggs every time!!


  1. Start by placing the eggs in a pot of COLD water Be sure there is a minimum of an inch of water above the top of each egg. The idea is to stabilize the temperature between the water and eggs.
  2. Bring the pot of water and eggs to a boil by placing them on high heat . After the water is boiling steadily, immediately take the pot off of the heat and cover with a tight-fitting lid . The eggs will continue to cook from the heat of the water.
  3. Let the eggs sit in the pan in the hot water for 12 minutes for medium eggs, 15 minutes for large eggs and 18 minutes for extra large eggs. USE A TIMER! After your timer goes off, drain water and replace with ice cold water. Let the temperature between water and eggs stalilize again and you’ll have the perfect BOILED EGGS! Now, enjoy your healthy snack and give yourself a pat on the back for cooking the perfect, incredible, edible, weight loss snack!

As a final note, I have been noticing, on many weight loss blogs, that there are concerns about regular consumption of eggs. Studies have shown that daily consumption of eggs will not cause an elevation of cholesterol or heart disease risk. Most cholesterol problems can be linked to excess carbohydrate intake rather than excess cholesterol consumption. So, go ahead, enjoy your eggs!

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